Terms of use and privacy policy

What can you use our services for?

The digital self-services of the NIPO provide you with information about industrial rights (trademark, patent and design) in Norway. We provide the following services: you can file your application, use our alert services to follow the status in individual cases and carry out searches. You can pay fees and see an overview of all your applications and registered rights. The services are free, but in order to use several of them, you must create a user account.

How to create a user account

You can create a user account on our website or sign in with Facebook, Google or ID-porten (ID-porten is run by Difi - Agency for Public Management and eGovernment). If you sign in with one of the last three options, their guidelines will apply to how they handle your personal information. When applying for rights (design, trademark or patent), only ID-porten can be used.

Disclaimer concerning the use of our services

The services consists of data on customer applications and correspondence, and data on internal case processing at the NIPO. The NIPO guarantees high quality data. However if you should find errors, please let us know.

Copying and presenting search results, information from key data in a case or other reports is permitted. When doing so, we ask that you state the source of the material and that it is available free of charge. Reproduction of all or parts of the database is illegal.

Please note that the status of a case determines whether a right is valid or not. Read more about application processing on patentstyret.no under each area – patents, trademarks and designs.

How can you safeguard your personal information?

The NIPO is responsible for handling, in a secure manner, your personal information and the data you give us when using our services - such as search, e-payment, alerts and filing applications.

When you create an account and agree to the terms, your email address, name, and possibly organisation and job position are registered. Your login is encrypted and your information is only stored for internal use. The date when the account was created and information when you last logged in, is saved in your account. The information is only used for these services and is never delivered to others.

Registered users are responsible for ensuring that login information (username and password) is safe. It is important to use secure passwords. However, if login information is lost or misused, you can delete your account by contacting the NIPO.

When communicating with us via our feedback form or email, we will save the information necessary to process and respond to your inquiry. Read also the privacy policy of NIPO. If you have any questions on how we handle your personal information, please contact our Data Protection Officer.

About privacy and cookies

The NIPO uses cookies on its web pages. These small text files remain on your computer in order to improve our services for you as a user and to collect information about your online movements. Cookies are used to remember your preferences between each visit. The information is important in our work to create a user-friendly and well-functioning website for you as a user.

Use of cookies does not constitute any security risk. You can choose to set your browser to not accept cookies. In the browser, you can also delete all history (saved cookies). On the website nettvett.no, you can see how to manage cookies. It is important to note that some of our services will not have full functionality if cookies are disabled.

We use the Google Analytics tool to analyze how visitors use our website and services. Examples of the information that statistics give us are: how many people visit various pages, how long the visits last, which website users comes from, and which browsers are used.

Google Analytics uses cookies, and the information collected is stored on servers in the United States. The NIPO has chosen to include a script that removes the last digits from the IP address before the information is stored by Google Analytics. This way, the analytics tool can estimate the user's geographical location without using the address to identify the individual user. To prevent Google Analytics from collecting anonymous data from you, Google offers its own feature. Information received is otherwise subject to Google's Privacy Policy.

Inspection, correction and deletion

You are entitled to access your own personal information. You also have the right to information concerning how it is handled and stored, and how to correct or delete incorrect information.

In the Alert Service, you can add and delete all types of alerts. If you wish to delete your account with us, you can ask us to delete your account and any information contained therein at any time. Be aware that you cannot delete any applications you have filed that are publically available.

The NIPO reserves the right to revise the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. If the changes are about handling your personal information, we will ask you for a new consent.

Terms of use and privacy policy, Version 2.0.0