Terms of use

Use of the search, payment and alert services from the Norwegian Industrial Property Office(NIPO) is free of charge.

Management of personal information

NIPO is responsible for managing personal information on the website Patentstyret.no and personal information provided to NIPO regarding the Alert service. Contact information for NIPO.

The purpose of the services

The purpose of the service is to give information on industrial rights in Norway, to offer alerts on changes and offer a solution for payment of renewal fees for trade marks, patents and designs. The user needs to register an e-mail address, the name and possibly company to subscribe to the service. This information will be used for this service only. In case the user wishes to end the subscription, the information will be deleted.

Privacy policy

By use of NIPO's webservice the user's IP address will be saved. This information is used in order to improve our services as described below on Cookies etc.

Information collected in the service is treated according to relevant rules and regulations. Your login information will be encrypted and your personal details will be stored for internal use only. The information will be treated confidentially.

It is voluntary to receive NIPO's newsletter with information about changed regulations, training offered by NIPO and other news. News regarding the service itself may be sent to all registered users.

Registered users are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of their account and password to prevent unauthorised access to the account. It is important to use a secure password. However, if login details are misused or may be misused your account can be deleted by contacting NIPO.

Cookies and Google analytics

NIPO aims to offer an informative and user friendly website. It is therefore important for us to collect information about how our website is used.

To be able to develop and analyze the general user pattern, NIPO uses Google Analytics for patentstyret.no and the alert service.

Google Analytics is a web analyzing tool delivered by Google inc. Information collected by Google Analytics is stored at the company's servers in USA. Among the information collected by Google Analytics is your IP address, but NIPO has chosen to include a script that removes the last four digits of an IP before it is stored. This makes the tool able to estimate the location of the user, but not to identify individual users.

The purpose of Google for collecting this information is to offer NIPO as a proprietor of the website, reports about the activity on the website. Google may also use anonymized data for its own purpose. Collected data is subject of Google's Privacy Policy.

Our website also place cookies on the user's computer. Cookies are small text files only available for the website that sets them. NIPO's website uses cookies for example to remember your preference settings until your next visit.

You may disable cookies on your computer by making the necessary changes in your browser's settings. You may experience that NIPO's service do not have full functionality when cookies are disabled.

Inspection, correction and annulment

According to the Norwegian Personal Data Act any person has the right to demand inspection of personal data regarding him or herself. If the information is wrong, it is possible to get those data changed or deleted. Questions about own registered data may be directed to the Norwegian industrial property office.


The search is a consultation tool for trademarks, patents and designs. The service includes a copy of publicly available data from the official registers. The service is of a purely informative nature. The official register also contains unpublished data.

When making business decisions, professional assistance and advice is often necessary.

The search service contains data regarding customer applications and correspondence, as well as internal examination in NIPO. The Office guarantees a high level of accuracy for our data, but errors may occur. The registers have neither positive nor negative credibility. If you detect errors, please let us know by using our feedback service.

Please be aware of the possibility that an application or a right that does not appear to be in force, may be appealed, and then reappear as an uninterrupted right.

Learn more about the processing of an application and the different statuses in use (for example resumption and appeals) at www.patentstyret.no. Therefore please use information on legal status with care.

Copyright ©

The Online search application provides public and free access to industrial property rights (trademarks, patents and design) in Norway.

Reproduction of search reports, the detailed view of information in a case or other reports is authorized, provided that the source is acknowledged and stated on the reproduced material. It should also be stated that the mentioned material is available free of charge.
Reproduction of all or major parts of the database is illegal.
The web service itself is protected by copyright.

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